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2020 Census PL 94.171 data
Rhode Island Wetlands
This community wants to ensure that our wetlands remain a healthy ecosystem for the animals and plant life around us.
Woodland sections of South Kingstown
Sections East of Rte 2 and North of Rte 1
Agricultural sections of West Kingston and Richmond
Farmlands of West Kingston and Richmond
Greater Kingston Village
Includes the University of Rhode Island and neighborhoods where many faculty/staff live and walk or bike to work.
Kingston and Wakefield
The villages of Wakefield and Kingston
Little Edgewood
The modest side of Edgewood, still with supported housing, group homes and a very diverse group of neighbors.
Providence's historic city center and central business district.
Distinct residential neighborhood in the northwest section of Providence.
Federal Hill
The official neighborhood boundary doesn't exactly reflect the community of interest.
Armory neighborhood west of park
Part of the neighborhood oriented toward Dexter Park from the west
Neighborhood with large Cape Verdean Community
A Center of the Cape Verdean population
Portsmouth connected
The town of Portsmouth, including the islands, has a specific set of challenges based on semirural character, housing-dominated tax base, and maritime trades. It is also intrinsically connected to Roger Williams University, since one of their dorms is located in Island Park.
The Summit Neighborhood
This is the footprint of the Summit Neighborhood. Please keep this area in the same district.
Hill and Harbour Neighborhood
Our neighborhood is bordered by First Ave, Division St, and Greenwich Cove, in a triangle, and has been the historic center of settlement for centuries. This district is joined together in a federally recognized National Historic District, with many historic homes dating to the early 18th century. Proposed redistricting would split the historic downtown of East Greenwich into 2 pieces, splitting the Hill from the Harbour and making Main St. the dividing line, despite the fact that Main St., is our business hub and the focus of our neighborhood and communities join together as a single entity there. Businesses at the waterfront and the downtown work together toward similar goals, as their fortunes are tightly connected. East Greenwich would be better served by a single representative. We have no affiliation with West Greenwich, which represents an area that is largely rural. Splitting East Greenwich on Main Street would essentially disenfranchise Harbour residents by keeping them from having a voice on state funding of East Greenwich schools and many other issues that directly impact their families and livelihoods.
The town center area of Westerly is the area of Westerly that identifies more with the Westerly/Pawcatuck downtown area than with the beaches to the south and east or the rural areas to the north. If Westerly is to be split up, this area should stay together. I currently live 1 mile from the downtown area and am included in a district with rural Hopkinton.