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Population based on Census 2020
Tamara Gureghian
I like that the submitter respected the maps and priorities of all those that took the time to submit a map through Draw the Lines. Unfortunately, the site and mapping tools being used by our legislators ( do not allow me to see all the measured criteria I'd like to review in order to evaluate the maps submitted. Fortunately, the comment indicated that this map was available on Dave’s redistricting site so I viewed it there as well. My county is whole, and is competitive, as it should be. I would have liked the districts to be more evenly split so that we have 5 leaning toward each political party and 7 competitive districts. PA is a purple state and that purpleness should be reflected in the districts. Competitive districts give more voice to more people and would ensure every Pennsylvanian, from the left to the right to all those in between, are represented in congress. I appreciate the opportunity to view these maps and comment, I just wish the ability to view mapping criteria was more like Dave's Redistricting website. I know many people who testified directed attention to that site and the tools used there. Overall, I hope the final map drawers make competitive districts a priority.
Nathan Rybner
Allegheny County should have one district entirely within the county, and another split. This is an unnecessary county split that would gerrymander two democratic districts in western Pennsylvania.
Robert Bertha
This map separates the city of Pittsburgh between two different districts.