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Population based on Census 2020
Kris Rust
Congrats on the map. I like how you give attention to avoiding municipal splits. This is very important. While roughly equal population is important, I think aiming for such a small population deviation is unnecessary, gives a false impression of precision (because Census data itself is by definition outdated the day after it is collected and is never 100% precise to begin with), and causes you to sacrifice other principles of good mapping. Most districts are compact, but I think there are several that are unnecessarily far flung and oddly shaped. Also, I generally think it is better to split large counties like Butler instead of small counties like Venango. I can't tell if the map unfairly favors Dems or Republicans, but hopefully the map would give each party representation in the congressional delegation proportional to their share of the statewide vote. Some of the districts should be competitive (close to toss ups.)