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PA Congressional Map using LACRA Provisons
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Population based on Census 2020
Carol Kuniholm
This map was created to test the mapping option available on this site after hearing from others that submitted maps were not visible. It was first created on Dave's Redistricting App and transferred here. The map is drawn to demonstrate provisions & priorities as expressed in LACRA, the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act, HB 22 and SB 222. It balances constitutional requirements regarding compactness and minimal split counties and municipalities, does not split any county more than mathematically necessary plus one, and respects geographic boundaries where possible. It was also drawn to maximize minority representation, with three majority-minority districts. In interpreting compactness, the goal was not to draw neat edges, since PA geography works against that, but to avoid districts that sprawl too far across the state. The map was also drawn to incorporate testimony submitted to State Government Committees about regionality, communities of interest and other citizen concerns. The original map had a population deviation of .28% and no split precincts. Splitting precincts creates unnecessary burden on election officials and confusion for voters. This is not a major problem in precincts with small populations, but in precincts with large populations, can result in long lines and in some cases voters have been given the wrong ballot - both resulting in voter disenfranchisement.